For CAA authorised drone operators only

A high quality plastic I.D card to keep in your wallet



This double sided card bears your photograph, company name and PfCO number and expiry date


So much better than having to produce your A4 certificate when approached

Now includes FREE lanyard



These ID cards are simply an extension of your existing business paperwork
They can only bear the CAA logo if accompanied by your PfCO number and company name
It clearly states on the card that the holder is NOT an employee of the CAA
You should always have your full certificate with you when flying commercially


1. Please place your order

2. Make sure you include your PfCO number so we can verify it

3. Make sure you include your name and company/trading name

4. Email your passport photo and logo to

PfCO ID Card set

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  • Credit card size (85mm x 54mm)

    Credit card thickness

    Full colour gloss


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